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The main focus of this website are the visual arts, in particular photography and video, in the area of fashion, cinema, art and design/ architecture.
It was created by Martina Barberis Casagrande, who invites different personality to talk, express and focus on visual. “The focus, rather than on up-to-date news in this sectors, will be on some details we didn’t think about or some pieces I liked the most or some news which impressed me”.

Martina Barberis Casagrande, studied Philosophy (Aesthetic) and Communication in Fashion, Design and Luxury. She has collaborated with Mariella Milani, former fashion director of national tv RAI 2, with website, Interni magazine, Dry Collectible and she has made some internships and experiences in the visual communication area as Aspesi, a brand with the historic archive made by the advertising of Peter Lindbergh, Robert Frank, Paolo Roversi among the others and  Karla Otto in London.


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