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Slide exhibition at Musee de l’Elysée, Losanne

1st June – 24th September

By Martina Barberis

The Musée de l’Elysée introduces one of the first exhibitions dedicated to the history of the “diapositive”, the slide. There are no hanging paintings this time. It is a complitely different way of understang images: is it a projection of light or more?

So, is the slide material or not? Does it have a different effect?  Is it something that capture attention? Is there a concept of sequence, a concept of series and a concept of light on it? Was it a good instrument to communicate image?



04-domus-broodthaers-Projection-sur-caisse 41_7 51Ww2R-cvmL 512ASN3CZCL181_313jd 90%   12398887561 MN-Photogram-1926-600x800646997292_295x166a9649a368343e288fe07d702c3712808--jan-dibbets-shutter-speed csm_Runo_Lagomarsino__Sea_Grammar__Vue_d_installation__2015__c__Runo_Lagomarsino__c__Photo__Agostino_Osio_44da162160-1  IMG_5682 slides3_1 Runo-Lagomarsino-West-is-everywhere-you-look-–-installation-view-at-Francesca-Minini-Gallery-Milano-2016-4-1 slides1


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