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Interiors close-up: Fortuny museum in Venice

By Martina Barberis

Pictures by Henry Thoreau. All rights reserved

I am particularly attached to this place, because I do remember when I was a child walking around Palazzo Fortuny.

Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo was born in Granada in 1871. He was a figure interested in many disciplines and an important subject for the visual arts. He lived in Paris during his studies as a painter.

At 18 he moved to Venice, where he started a friendship with figures such as Gabriele D’Annunzio, Marchesa Casati, Hugo von Hofmannsthal among the others.

His interests moved from painting to set design and stage lighting; his goal was to achieve total union of music, drama and visual presentation. He designed sets for important Theaters ( as La Scala in Milano), the decor for aristocratic homes and museums throughout the world, he developed an idea called “Cupola” about light (a system of stage-lighting, using indirect, diffuse illumination), he produced textiles in Venice and his famous plissé silk dress which made him very famous. Finally, he created the ” Tempera Fortuny”. We can say that he was a polyhedral figure.

Below Palazzo Fortuny in Venice


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